Emil Fischer

Hi! I’m Emil. I’m a DM and a general citizen of the internet. I love TTRPGs, especially the weird and wonderful small press treasures you need to go rooting around for. I have zero journalistic credentials, but I still have opinions about things and sometimes I write those opinions down.

One-Page RPGs From Trans Rights for Texas

It sucks that Texas has declared war on trans people but the Trans Rights for Texas bundle has been a blast. Recently I’ve been looking at a bunch of one-page RPGs I never would have known about otherwise. I like these short games because creators can flex their muscles and try weird ideas that might

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Cover page for the Table Top Role Playing Game: Dead Cleveland

Dead Cleveland: A GM-less Zombie Survival TTRPG

The zombie apocalypse starts in Cleveland! Dead Cleveland is a rules-lite, GMless TTRPG about zombie survival and factional warfare amidst the ruins of Cleveland’s downtown district. It’s actually the second game I’ve reviewed using David Garrett’s ultralightweight VRBS system. So, I already knew the game would be fast-paced and flexible. However, a new feature in

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Deathless: A Table Top RPG Review

Adrian Lumm understands blockbuster action movies. You can feel the love for the genre in every detail of his TTRPG: Deathless. In the game, players take the role of bulletproof action heroes. Each with its own set of evocative abilities. The rules are easy to pick up and emphasize fast-paced, cinematic action. The final product

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Eldritch Ancestries: Merfolk

Reviewing random TTRPGs out of the Trans Rights for Texas Bundle No.2 Credits Author: Shawn Pommier Artists: Shawn Pommier, Kiril Tchangov, Lluis Abadias, caffeinsystem, Aekashics Publisher: Eldritch Dream Games Abstract Merfolk is a race expansion pamphlet for Pathfinder 2e. It’s short, about 11 pages, but contains everything you need to play as a mermaid. Including

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